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Cardboard Boxes At Our Bridgwater Facility

Removal Boxes

We have a lot of people come in to reception asking for "our largest box" because they are moving house. However this is not always the wisest move. Extra large boxes can be bulky and difficult to carry, especially when they are full. The sheer weight of the boxes when full can cause even the strongest of people to struggle. We suggest that you only use XL boxes for lighter, bulkier items such as bedding, linen and similar. Even the large boxes can be too heavy to lift when filled with certain items. When you are looking at packing books for example you are probably better off looking at the medium boxes which are about as big as you want to go with weighty items. When packing moving boxes you want to pack them as full as possible, that way they are easy to stack and less likely to collapse. You can always add items like cushions or blankets to pad out the top area if you can't fill them with the same items.

Storage Boxes

The principles of boxes you use for storage are very similar to the ones mentioned above. People often talk about single wall or double walled boxes but it can depend on the grade of the cardboard as to how strong the box is. Some of our single walled boxes are as strong as the double walled ones. We have archive boxes which have a separate lid and are often popular with people storing items, not just paperwork. Typically these can fit four lever arch files in.

Bubble Wrap

When we starting selling bubble wrap we thought people would only be using it to wrap up and safely pack items such as paintings, mirrors and picture frames. However it turns out there is a whole host of uses for bubble wrap. Insulating greenhouses is a common use as well as protecting windscreens during winter (understandably very seasonal). Other uses include protecting doors and walls when they come in to contact with each other. People storing handbags, purses and shoes away often pad them out with bubble wrap to keep their shape. We even had one customer who lined their shopping bags with it so their ice cream didn't melt on the way back from the shops - maybe the insulation thing isn't just seasonal after all! 

Parcel and Fragile Tape

Useful when moving to distinguish between delicate boxes and those that can be chucked around a bit more. One guide we came across said you need one roll of tape per 25 cartons but how accurate this is depends on how keen you are with the tape. It you go for the belt and braces "H" taping on top and bottom the tape might not last as long. We recommend buying our quality, branded tape. It tears better and stays stuck. It needn't cost the earth either, we would say that though because we sell it but our prices are very competitive, as you can see above.

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