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  • All ground floor rooms
  • Insulated
  • Only 14 days minimum
  • No deposit to pay
  • Only pay for the days used
  • Various sizes
  • 24 hour recorded digital CCTV
  • Archive Document Storage
  • Key code entry system

Business Storage in Plymouth

All types of businesses use our self storage safe in the knowledge their goods will be safe and secure – and that access is really flexible. Our 24 hour access option allows them to access their goods when they want and means they are in a secure place rather than left in a van or car over night.


As our storage includes business rates it’s understandable why companies choose to store with us as it is flexible, you can store from as little as fourteen days and for as long as you like without any long-term commitment. You just rent a room and you can change the amount of space you use without notice. As your business grows you can add more space or if your work is more seasonal you can go up or down in size as stock levels change. You can even just store with us during your busy periods - we have florists who store their out of season stock with us (Easter baskets etc.) and then during those periods they cancel they stop using us.

Quick and Easy

The rooms are all on the ground floor, reducing loading and unloading times by up to half on warehouse based storage where there can be any number of floors. A saving of half an hour each day can certainly feel good when it means more time in bed or time with your family.


Security on site starts with a large two metre perimeter fence and throughout the site are cameras feeding back digital images which are monitored and recorded. The gate is accessed using a key code system and is always locked. The software tracks who goes in and out of the site and your own unique gate code needs to be entered when you access the site and when you leave.  The locks on the doors themselves are imported from the states as they are the best we’ve found. These barrel locks slide in to the door making them extremely hard to cut and are unpickable. You hold the only keys to your room - we do not have access to your goods.

Stock and Samples

Different types of businesses use our storage, some companies want to store stock, samples or promotional literature. Other companies use our storage as a mini depot with materials for their jobs or tools that they want to keep safe and not stored in vans, garages or sheds. We have one company who uses their space for all their returns and then they are collected periodically by their head office.

Great For Auction Sites

With mini businesses popping up from the eBay generation we are often seen as the next step from storing in your spare room or garage. Often people claim back their own house by storing their stock with us. Often people run these businesses along side their normal jobs and this is where we come in handy. With the extended access you can pick and pack after or before work or even at weekends.

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Plymbridge Road, Estover, Plymouth, PL6 7LH
Please call us on: (01752) 696 224

Free Access Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 4:00pm