When we set about setting up our site in Taunton we aimed to have the best site in the town. We looked at everything on offer in Taunton and tried to better it.

Close to Taunton town centre
When we were trying to find storage in Taunton we noticed there were a lot of companies offering storage in the local area who claimed to be in Taunton but when we looked closer they were miles away. We realised that you want to be near your possessions so we found a site as close to the town centre as we could get - it takes a few minutes to get there by car.

Purpose Built Storage Units
Next we looked at the kind of storage that was being offered and all we found were 'make do' options. Storage companies had either converted a shipping container in to storage space or they were using removers crates. We found storage crates to be impractical for self storage as they had heavy doors and weren't practical for keeping items dry.

Crates on the other hand are hard to get access to, they are often stored on top of each other so every time you want to get to your goods they have to lift them down for you. We realise you want constant access to your goods so we wanted to design a storage facility that you could come and go as you please and we didn't want you to pay for the privilege to do so.

No Deposit
The last thing you want to be doing when you move your possessions in to a storage unit is to part with lots of cash. Whether you're moving, refurbishing your house or running a business, cash flow can be tight so we decided when you move in you shouldn't have to pay a deposit. There's no need, you buy your lock and what else is there to cover? An extra £100+ on a deposit when moving in can really set you back. There's none of that with us.

So is our Taunton storage site the best in (or around) Taunton? We'll let you decide. Come and see our site or get in touch.