To celebrate the opening of our new site in Chard we recently gave out free doughnuts in Chard, Axminster and Ilminster. It was a blustery day as we braved the elements and with only a few people passing our site in Furnham Road in those conditions we decided to head on to the High Street to distribute the sugary treats. With boxes and boxes of doughnuts to give away we went round all the shops as well as handing giving them to people outside the Town Hall.

Having exhausted Chard (and expanding everyone's waistline by an inch or two) we headed to Axminster, braving the floods. Once there everyone was certainly receptive to the warm doughnuts as we shamelessly promoted our storage. Not surprisingly the baked goods went down very well on a Friday afternoon and we guess we increased the consumption of tea that afternoon as well as the consumption of calories. Having promoted the self storage units in Chard throughout the shops in Axminster, our brief foray in to Devon, we headed back to Somerset.

Back across the border in Somerset we headed to the main streets of Ilminster meeting those who had braved the weather for a last minute Friday shop. We also made sure all those people out for their Friday haircut were well stocked up on doughnuts. Hopefully when people think of storage (and doughnuts) they'll think of us now!