It was an early start for five of the UK Storage team as we set out to provide the Plymouth masses with something sweet for the day. Calling in staff from all sites we set about giving out 1,500 doughnuts out to the general public in Plymouth - all free of charge. It was our way of saying hello and announcing properly the opening of our Estover storage site.

Admittedly we've been open since December 2012 but we thought it was time we got out and met more people in Plymouth - and what a nice bunch of people they were too. It was a slow start as people asked us "really? A free doughnut?" but after a while they were flying out and we struggled to keep up with demand. Some people were naturally cynical and thought there was a catch while others thought we were fundraising and some even blanked us competley thinking we were selling something - which I suppose we were but in the softess sell you can imagine. Some people had a problem linking free doughnuts with Plymouth storage.

We had skate boarders collect them as they rolled beside us at fast speeds, we had people grab them through open car windows as they waited at the crossing and we even had an elderly lady (she told us her age without us asking so I can call her elderly) who took four of them ready for a royal baby party. "Oh has she had the baby" I said, "No not yet" she replied and happily wandered off.

We did offer the policemen and women we saw free doughnuts but they all turned them down, perhaps they didn't want to become the American cliché of doughnut eating cops. However we did drop some in to the station so hopefully they could have some on their break. Oh and if you are reading this officer we did have a quick walk around after we had finished to clear up any rubbish that was dropped due to our free giveaway. Thankfully most people had kept hold of their rubbish.

We realise a lot of the people who took the doughnuts won't have much reason to store, especially the children but hopefully we cheered their day up and they will remember us when they do come to store. Hopefully we'll be back again at some point to give out the doughnuts again.

UPDATE: We recently carried out our free doughnut giveaway in Bristol to promote our site in central Bristol. We gave away a whopping 2,000 free doughnuts to the people of Bristol. With two teams we were giving away jam doughnuts outside ASDA in Bedminster and just by the Waterfront opposite the Hippodrome. They were certainly well received and our T-Shirts certainly had some sugar on them by the end of the day!