Our Plymouth self storage site is up and running with customers moved in and other storage rooms on reserve. The site in Estover, North Plymouth opened in late 2012 and has been extremely well received. The area hadn't been used before so we had to invest quite heavily in the plot starting with ground works and pouring lots of concrete. The drainage on site is very important as you would know if you've lived in Plymouth, it can't half get wet down here! Our massive soak away and drainage systems allow for oue site to drain well even in the most severe weather.

Then you have the external perimeter fence, advanced entry system through the electronic gates and then the storage units themselves. Security is so important to us as our reputation is built on it and looking after our customer's goods is paramount. That's why we use some of the most advanced locks in the industry. There's a hell of a lot of technology that goes in to them making sure the locks can't be picked and that first stage of protection defends your goods.

Taking care of the Plymouth Pears on site we have had to allow areas for the shrubs roots to develop and have used decking instead of concrete in parts to protect the ground. All signed off by Natural England of course.

The storage site is based just up the road from the Wrigley`s roundabout or if you`re coming from The George pub it`s on Plymbridge Road just as you come down the hill from what used to be the airfield on the left hand side. Look out for our signs, we're in behind Cromwells and next to Interlink and Mercedes Benz. We have customers coming from as far afield as Tavistock, as well as Yelverton and the surrounding areas. If you require any further information about our storage in Plymouth click on the link above.