Well you may be in luck. We've been approached by Vanda Kettelhut, a casting producer for a major TV company and they're looking for people who just can't throw items away. They're looking for storage hoarders, people who just can't help but collect clutter and then store it! They are making a taster tape as they called it, we're guessing like a pilot and they want you to star in it. They're going to be employing experts who will be offering advice as to the value of items, what you should be keeping and what you should get shut of. We're guessing these experts will be people in the field of house clearance, antiques and collectables. Some of these people would probably charge for their time normally and would take some hunting down. This would be ideal if you're a collector and you've been storing your collection ready for that time when you sort through it and cash in on your favourite items. So hopefully along the way you can make some money out of the whole process along with fifteen minutes of fame. So whether you're storing at our branch down in sunny Cornwall and you're storing your minature car collection or if you're all the way up the M5 at our Gloucester storage facility hiding away your stuffed birds, this may be for you.

We've all seen the success of the storage auction programmes and others related to the self storage industry and this appears to be another one that may make it big. In fact we've had the camera crews in to a couple of our facilities. They all seem to be above board and worked with real people storing real items - we have heard from some companies who just want to set up a fake process, rigging the auctions but we haven't entertained them So you can be in at the first point, right from the start and ride the crest of the success wave. Just remember us when you're famous...

Not sure what we're on about? Watch one of the storage hoarders episodes below.