We were happy to open our storage facility in Chard in November but two members of our team were VERY happy when we opened in Chard. Jason and Ryan (father and son would you believe) live just outside of Chard and had been eagerly watching the site everyday as their commute takes them up Furnham Road on their way to our Bridgwater site. Now Jason will be overseeing the site, making sure it meets the high levels our customers demand.

With sites in Plymouth, Bristol, Taunton and Bridgwater Jason certainly gets through the miles. His role involves inspecting the sites, making sure they are well maintained and that their upkeep is first class. Now Jason can have a bit of a lie-in on the days he needs to visit the Chard site, although Ryan might not be so pleased as he usually gets a lift off his Dad!

I'm sure reducing everyone's commute to work is great for the enviornment and better for quality of life but we've now had requests from other members of staff who want to have an easier commute to work. So if you find a UK Storage Company facility down your cul-de-sac you know the reason why.