On our latest doughnut giveaway in Bridgwater, home to our first ever storage facility opened in 2005, we had quite an occurance. As usual we were out on the streets giving away as many doughnuts as possible to the people of Bridgwater. We try to free up as many staff as possible from our various sites and then give away as many as 2000 doughnuts (I think we managed about 1,700 this time).

At about 10.30 Carmel, from our Bridgwater site, shouted over that Greggs were closing. Sure enough they pulled their signs in from outside and soon were putting a sign in the window and turning off the lights. Surely our free doughnut giveaway hadn't managed to close a heavyweight like Greggs? Well they had closed for the day, sadly it wasn't anything to do with us, there had been a flood and they'd been forced to close. It was probably for the best, we certainly didn't want the might of a big company like Greggs coming down on little old UK Storage for giving away doughnuts.

After that it was a fairly peaceful day giving out doughnuts to the people of Somerset, the hardest task is convincing people that there is a link between giving our doughnuts and self storage in Bridgwater. A good day was had by all and we even managed to save a couple for family and friends back home - we've learnt from previous mistakes! Thank you to all those people we met on the day, another successful day raising the cholesterol levels of the local residents.