Prize Winning Fish

We've had some strange items stored with us over the years and we thought we'd tell you about a few. One of our favourites has to be Percy the Pike. He was the prize possession of a tenant who was a keen fisherman. It was his biggest prized catch and he'd had it preserved as a trophy to keep over the years and remind him of his excellent fishing skills. Thankfully he didn't have a fishy smell and came out of storage as he went in.

Adult Toys

When we're clearing out abandonded storage units we come across many personal items, most are run of the mill and nothing to write home about. However, one customer at our Gloucester storage facility left us an interesting collection of "adult toys", I'm sure it was a real shame for them to be party from their hoard but we're pretty sure they didn't have a second hand value!

Strange Vehicles

The most popular item among our staff was the Knight Rider car we stored in our early days. Normally when people come to us for car storage they're wanting to store their work van or an old Ford Escort. This customer turned up with a copy of Michael Knight's K.I.T.T., you should have seen our faces! We didn't get chance to ride in it so we never found out whether it had a turbo boost button or whether it could say "Michael" in a condescending and patronising tone.

Since bringing in car storage at a number of our sites, including our Worcestershire locations in Worcester and Kidderminster we've had more and more fascinating vehicles parked with us. Another interesting vehicle is a hearse we've had stored at one of our locations. When you first think of vehicle storage you don't automatically think of a funeral hearse. As long at they're not leaving it at our facility mid-shift then we're OK with it! 

Other Odd Items

Other interesting items have been adult toys, a bumper stock of bluetooth speakers one Christmas when one retailer took the market by storm and also some real interesting hoarders. One person kept all their used stamp books, so the modern stamps that are stickers in a little paper / cardboard book. They were completely worthless so we're not sure why they kept them - they wouldn't have been covered by our insurance (stamps are excluded) even if they had been worth something!

A few fun things that have been kept at our facilities including vintage pinball machines and fruit machines. That would make a great man (or woman) cave, a storage room packed with fruit and pinball machines.

We did have someone storing a dalek with us in our Taunton facility in Somerset. The aim was to take it to a convention along with lots of other daleks and break the record for the most daleks in one place. Sadly the number they got to was beaten by another convention - 10 years earlier. It probably explains why we've heard of many daleks stored in self storage, there needs to be a lot to break the world record - 95! 

You can actually store most items at a self storage facility, I'm sure you can think of more weird and wonderful items than mentioned above. In fact there probably have been weirder items but we've just not known about them. Obviously we don't go in to people's storage rooms unless they request us to - some people take advantage of our free delivery acceptance in Bridgwater, this is where we will sign for a parcel and put it in your room for you.

Oh and if this talk of strange items in storage has got you thinking, we're not allowed to store anything illegal, toxic or explosive. We also don't allow anything living (plant or creature) and no open food stuffs.