We've had some strange items stored with us over the years and we thought we'd tell you about a few. One of our favourites has to be Percy the Pike. He was the prize possession of a tenant who was a keen fisherman. 

The most popular item among our staff was the Knight Rider car we stored in our early days. Normally when people come to us for car storage they're wanting to store their work van or an old Ford Escort. This customer turned up with a copy of Michael Knight's K.I.T.T., you should have seen our faces!

You can actually store most items at a self storage facility, I'm sure you can think more weird and wonderful items than mentioned above. In fact there probably have been weirder items but we've just not known about them. Obviously we don't go in to people's storage rooms unless they request us to - some people take advantage of our free delivery acceptance, this is where we will sign for a parcel and put it in your room for you.

Oh and if this talk of strange items in storage has got you thinking, we're not allowed to store anything illegal, toxic or explosive.