Self Storage Extended Opening Hours

Extended Opening Hours

Our Bristol Central storage site on Whitehouse Street in Bedminster has an extended access option available. This allows you to gain access through the locked site gates outside of office hours. This is through a key code entry system where you have your own unique gate code.

The extended hours available in Bedminster are 7am until 8pm Monday to Saturday and 10am until 6pm on Sundays. These extended hours are free for your first four weeks and then should you want them after that there is a small charge. Normal access hours are 9am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 4pm on a Saturday.

Soon after opening our site we realised customers would like more access than we could allow during our normal office hours. Rather than just working more hours on the off chance someone might need access we decided to invest in an advanced security gate and monitoring system. This allows much greater access hours and has had a good take up from our customers. Some of our customers use this facility to move in to their storage outside of hours, especially if they are coming from a long way away. Others use the service to slowly fill up their room, often after work or on a Sunday when usually we, and other storage companies, are closed. Businesses tae advantage of the service by picking up tools, stock or promotional material first thing in the morning and then often returning them late at night.

All access is monitored using recorded digital CCTV and also through the access software linked to the key codes. If you are using the extended access the gate will close behind you as you enter and you will need to activate the electronic gate again when you come to leave. Again it will close after you as you leave.

There are emergency contact numbers within each site should you have an emergency while on site outside of our office hours. Please only use these in case of an emergency and during normal hours please call the office number with any problems. 

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The stress of moving house was reduced by moving a lot of my belongings into storage for a short while, so that I could move out of my old home and into my new home over a few weeks at an easier pace. The staff on the end of the phone were very polite and helpful. They told me that I could upgrade the size of the storage if I found I needed more when I started to load my things in. The site was easily accessible by pin code at whatever time of day I needed to call. The storage units are clean and easily accessible, with trollies just inside the entrance for ease of moving items into the storage units. Often I was the only person accessing the units but when others were there, we didn't get in each other's way. I would certainly consider renting a storage unit from them again, should I need this type of temporary storage space.

Judith Booker

We have been very pleased with the way the UK Storage Company, has helped us in many ways. To have a clean and safe environment, to be able to access your unit is very important. To have equipment ready and available for your use, we found was very helpful. The whole experience was great, I would definitely use this company again.

Linda Ellis
Plymouth North

I decided to use the UK storage company when moving house, which we were doing over the christmas period which was already stressful enough! The process was incredibly quick and easy and we had access to our unit the very same day. The unit itself was immaculate and the site was secure with very easy access, I had no worries at all about leaving my belongings here. Would definitely recommend and would use again in the future

Chalene Andrews

I have used UK storage company on two separate occasions in the last 2 years and both times they have been amazing. The staff have been friendly, approachable and professional. They catered to our needs on both occasions. Nothing was too much trouble, if they said they would e mail us, they did. If we had to phone them there was always someone there to answer the phone and if they didn’t know the answer they found out and got back to us very promptly! Would highly recommend them for personal or professional use. If I need storage again I will contact them immediately. Thanks to everyone at UK storage for making what can be a stressful time totally stress free.

Rachel Brinkhof

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