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Self Storage
Self Storage

Self Storage

Self Storage

Self Storage

  • Seperate dedicated storage area
  • Racked storage
  • Collection and delivery service available
  • Helps you free up expensive office areas
  • High security including 24 Hour CCTV
  • Fully managed document service.
  • Trace and manage your documents
  • Archive boxes sold on site

Gloucester Document Storage

Free Collection

We will be happy to collect your archive boxes from their current location and store them within our dedicated document storage area with no charge for the collection whatsoever. This is a service we can provide to all of our customers, big or small.

Delivery Service

Should you realise that you need access to some files that you have archived, you can rely on UK Storage to act quickly. We can deliver the box to you, or arrange for you to view the files in person on site, with urgent and emergency retrieval options available.

Secure Archiving

Our record management service is handled only by a handful of our highly trusted staff with many years experience and service to UK Storage Company. There is no access to the document storage area for anybody but our trained colleagues. From the moment we collect the boxes to the moment they are delivered back to you, you can be safe in the knowledge that they remain confidential and for your eyes only.

Professional and Experienced Document Management

Having provided secure storage for many big clients from around the South West and beyond, we have gained lots of experience with handling very sensitive documents and confidential data. Our managed archive storage system ensures that our methods never fail and security is never compromised. Our service offers more than simply placing your files in to a warehouse for x amount of years and forgetting their very existence - we provide a very well managed solution from the beginning to the end. We are a private company with a very strong local presence and very trusted by our local community. Our success relies on our ability to consistently provide an exceptional service to our customers.

Create Space

As your business grows and expands, the secure and well managed storage of your documents becomes a necessity. Space is a very valuable commodity, so free some up for yourself and let UK Storage Company manage your files. Document storage could be a great solution for all industries, not just medical, insurance, legal and banking - as you might expect. We've been used in the past and currently by all sorts of organisations and businesses such as Architects and Engineers, Estate Agents, Lawyers, Doctors, Societies, Charities, Nursery, Schools, Universities and a whole list of other areas that you wouldn't even think would need to store documents.

Cost Effective Record Management

Because of how well managed and well laid out our archive storage area is, we are able to pass on our savings to all our customers. We use our space extremely efficiently, using racking floor to ceiling. Our charges are clear and upfront, and are priced per box. If you currently store your documents in a Gloucester self storage room, then storage in this fashion will save you a great amount of money (and we offer self storage so we can say that!). Any business that needs to lower the amount spent on their current record management will benefit from using UK Storage Company as their storage provider.


Once you no longer require your files to be stored, we can provide the service you need in order to have them securely destroyed. We have a great working relationship with a locally based document destruction firm who (at short notice) can collect and destroy your files and provide you with a certificate of destruction for your records.

Call Now

So if you need a solution to boxes piling up, whether that’s under your desk, in the basement or even a dungeon (as one customer referred to it) call us now and we can take them away – remember we collect all new boxes coming in to us for FREE! Alternatively click here if you need self storage in Gloucester.

UK Storage Company - Gloucester

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