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Self Storage
Self Storage

Self Storage

Self Storage

Self Storage

50% Off 8 Weeks Storage
  • All ground floor rooms
  • Free access 7 days a week
  • Insulated
  • Only 14 days minimum
  • No deposit to pay
  • Only pay for the days used
  • Various sizes
  • 24 hour recorded digital CCTV
  • Archive document storage
  • Key code entry system

Self Storage Plymouth Central

Based close to the city centre our facility at Coxside offers the ideal location to store household items close to your flat, house or boat. With our 24 hour access through our secure access gates you can gain entry whenever you need your goods, a great option for those working or moving during unsociable hours.

Special Offer

We currently have 50% off your first 12 weeks storage! You don't need a firm date to reserve a room and you don't have to stay for the whole discount period to get the offer. You can't say fairer than that!

Student Storage

If you're in need of storage over any of the holiday periods, be it the summer break, the Christmas break, a gap year or any other half term or holiday, then UK Storage Company can offer you the perfect affordable solution. The last thing on your mind during exam time should be self storage (or any other time let's be honest), why not let us be the ones to take care of it. Our Clare Place site is only a kilometre away from the University campus, so you may even be able to carry your goods to us to save on van hire. If it's too much to carry, then a taxi would also be a good option for bringing your belongings in to us. Our small rooms are ideal for all your text books, clothes, small items of furniture and electrical items. If you're the parent then look no further, save time, money and effort by not coming all the way down to Plymouth to help clear your son or daughters room - the petrol and hotel costs alone are worth saving. Plus who really wants to see their kids that often!


Our self storage in the centre of Plymouth is well located within the city, directly opposite the Barbican Leisure Park at Cattedown. Whether you're coming from the centre itself or outside of Plymouth, we're very visible and easy to find. If you're heading from the north on the A38, come off at the Sainsbury's junction and take the A374 towards the city centre. As you head down Gydnia Way you should see our site right in front of you, with big signs saying Self Storage Plymouth. Take the left just before our site and then take your next right. Clare Place is then on your right.

It's great fun being opposite such a busy leisure park, if you tire of all the days' hard work then take a break and maybe grab a bite to eat over the road. If bowling or the cinema isn't your thing, then we're a small distance from the National Marine Aquarium where you can surely see a shiver of sharks or a smack of Jellyfish.

The location is a great base for anyone in the local area, easily accessible from Saltash and further afield as well as for anyone in Plymouth.

If central Plymouth isn't right for you or if we're fully booked, then we also have a site at Estover to the north. Give us a call today or enter your details for a full quote.


Keeping your possessions secure is our job - you pay us to do it! That's why we take it very seriously. We are the only company in the industry that keeps its security gates closed all the time. Each customer accesses the site using their own individual gate entry code. We can then track who comes and goes through the gate software and the recorded CCTV footage.

The buildings themselves are built from steel and have a special lock that can't be picked and because of the unique lock plate system they are incredibly hard to cut. We'd say impossible but we don't want to encourage people to try it just to prove us wrong. The site is surrounded by perimeter fencing and walls stopping any oppotunistic entry in to the site. 

Various Sizes

Sadly there isn't a one size fits storage unit, each person's requirement can be different and so we have a variety of sizes to suit your needs. We start with a telephone box size, great as temporary storage for students and mini businesses. From there we have some imd range sizes for personal storage, people needing extra space or a small house move. Then at the top end we have enough room for whole house moves. The great benefit is that if you're unsure about what size you need you can change up or down without penalty when you come to move in. This can also work for you when you come to stop using us, you can gradually move your items (or even sell them) and downsize your size of room as you go.

If you need help deciding what size you need the use our size estimator in the quote box, top left of the page. Alternatively call our friendly staff on 01752 724092 and they'll be happy to help. They will give you the best size for packing it top to bottom, if you want to space to sort out your items let them know and they will quote the next size up. They can also reserve a room for you, even if you don't have a firm date. Just to make sure we have one available when you come to use us.

Packing tips

Unless you’re a football manager or working in the circus it’s probably been a while since you last packed all your items up and moved – although we did have a customer the other day that had moved 18 times! Anyway we thought we’d give those of you who haven’t had the joy of packing up your worldly possessions recently a bit of a guide to keeping your items secure and safe in transit as well as making best use of the space.

When it comes to boxes they need to be packed full, so any spaces at the top of boxes need to be filled with soft items like cushions, clothes, teddy bears etc. This allows the boxes to be stacked on top of each other without toppling over and stops the boxes collapsing. It also helps to have boxes of uniform sizes, these stack easier and also make better use of your space within your storage unit.

If you're packing books away in to boxes, make sure they aren't packed so full that the box becomes too heavy to lift, that'll save your back whole lot of strain. It's also worth bearing in mind that books should be laid flat in boxes to avoid any potential damage to their spines.

Make sure that any items being stored that usually hold water, such as washing machines, fridges, hosepipes and the like, are completely drained of water and cleaned before they come in to us. Leave the doors slightly ajar as well to stop any funny smells from hanging around.

It's always important to stay organised while you pack, so grab a big marker pen and clearly label all boxes with a brief description, believe us when we tell you how much time that can save while looking for items in storage or when it comes to unpacking at the end of your stay with us. Use either fragile tape or write fragile on those boxes that require a little extra care. This should prevent them from being the box at the bottom of the pile, or indeed the box at the top of a very tall stack as well.

Need Removals

Kevin at Plymouth Van Man Removals has moved many customers in to both our sites and is a very affordable way to move single items as well as whole house moves. You can call him on 07881 367542. He works evenings, weekends and bank holidays so he can help you take advantage of our 24 hour access.

UK Storage Company - Plymouth Central

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Please call us on: (01752) 724 092

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