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Residential & Business Storage In Swindon

Our modern self storage facility in Swindon offers the perfect environment in which to store your household goods or your unusual collection of 132 teddies all called Colin. Plenty of elbow grease, blood sweat and tears went in to refurbishing the building in 2015 - don't worry we wiped up after ourselves! Our building at Westmead has been designed specifically with the storing of soft furnishings in mind, you may have had many hours sat comfortably on your sofa - well now it's time to give that sofa a cosy environment by treating it with an excellent storage room at our Westmead facility.

You may have had to carry your goods down the stairs at home, cursing every time you caught your knuckles on the hand rail. Your knuckles will breathe a sigh of relief (not sure how but they can) when you arrive to store with us, as you'll have a lift and a range of trollies available to move your goods to your room. So give them a good push and you'll hear your replica Garfield toy go "wheeeeee" as your goods zoom to your room. We are happy to offer our customers access to our site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. After all, we’re here to make life easier for our customers, so unrestricted access is just one of the ways in which we can help.

The Quickest Moving Day

Whether you're moving house or storing for another reason, you'll want the process to be as quick and painless as possible. Paperwork is completed online while you're sat at home with a cup of tea and a chocolate hobnob (our biscuit of choice if you're offering). We do this before the big moving day and so when it comes to the hard work of moving your items in to your room you won't be delayed by trying to work out what your name is - moving can really fry your brain. As far as we're aware we're the only company offering this service to speed up your day and reduce your stress.

Twenty Four Hour Access

Having the ability to offer twenty four hours a day access gives our customers unrestricted access to their storage room as and when it's required, all year round, come rain or shine.

For both residential customers and those running a business, this access is available to all. Having the option to access your storage room at any time of day means that should the unthinkable happen and you suddenly need to retrieve something in a hurry, or you realise on your way to Heathrow Airport that your passport is in your storage room - you can rely on us to be able to provide the service that you require.


Having your storage in Swindon means you have quick access to the M4 and you can't miss our building. We're right on the Bridgemead roundabout by the Mini dealership or more importantly to us, near the new McDonalds drive through. If ever there was a reward for getting your items sorted, McDonalds is it! If you don't fancy that (or you need more reference points) we're close to Greggs and Next at Home (just down the road at Mannington Retail Park) - they do a mean panini. UK Storage Company - Swindon in no way endorse any particular outlet (unless they want to give us free food!), other healthy variants are available.


We're a big believer in the whole prevention side of security. We keep our gates closed, all the time. A pretty simple measure but it means only our customers and people we authorise are allowed on site. You will receive your own unique gate code so you can come and go as you please. This also means we know who is on site at any particular time. The site is then surrounded by a 2.4 metre high perimeter fence. 

The cameras come next. Our security CCTV monitors both outside and inside the building. We can see every move, including Bryan our maintenance guy who has been known to dance in front of the cameras like an embarrassing uncle. So you won't be the only one! It's all recorded, 24 hours a day so we are steadily compiling a blooper reel, feel free to show us your best moves or to order your removals company in to a spontaneous conga.

Inside the building, your room is protected by a high security lock, it's a barrel or cylinder lock (you purchase them through us). They are imported from the United States - they're big on self storage over there. They come with three keys and we recommend you split them up. Believe us when we say they're impossible to pick, we have to get a locksmith in to get in to your room if you lose them.

Flexible Storage

With options more flexible than a magician's contortionist our self storage in Swindon offers you a really easy way to get your items in and out no matter how long you are storing. The minimum time you can store with us is 14 days (you can store for less but you just need to pay for fourteen days) and then after that you just pay for the days you use. When you come to move out you only need to give us fourteen days notice, not a problem for most people as the legal side of moving home usually takes longer than that.

You don't need to pay a deposit when you move in, usually a great help when people are storing with us as it's usually the same time as money is going out on all sorts of things. Along with our introductory offers this really reduces the amount of money you have to part with on moving day. So you may just be able to purchase that leopard skin print 'cuddle chair' that you've always wanted.

As we have a 24 hour access hours option it means you can come and go as you please. We have customers who call in as they're heading off on the M4 in the early hours for work and some other customers like to drop in on an evening maybe when they've been up to Shaw Ridge to the cinema. The flexibility is there for you. Especially handy if you've got your football boots in storage and you're heading down to Mannington Rec for a game.

If you'd like a room putting to one side for you, just to make sure we have space available, we can do that, even without a confirmed date. You can change it to another week or even another month. Just in case your star sign isn't looking good that week.

Rooms In All Shapes and Sizes

Whether our rooms are short and fat or long and skinny, we're proud of the different shapes and sizes we offer. It means you get the room that suits you (don't worry we won't call you long and skinny). Everyone has different needs, we've seen plenty of students storing boxes of books and a massive, state of the art flat screen TV that only require a small space. We've also seen house movers with lots of sofas - your best option is to put them on top of each other or on their ends, just try not to turn it in to a giant game of Jenga. We've got a room to suit all requirements. We realise you may not know what size you need, so we're more than happy to advise you as to what we think you'll fit in. Call us today and we'll be more than happy to run through your items and give you some sizing advice.

Car Storage

We offer car storage, short or long term, so you can store your vehicle in a secure environment, with CCTV monitored entry and easy in / out access. Call and speak to one our team today for more details.

Need A Hand With The Move?

Lucky for you we're not helping to carry your goods for you, it's not our area of expertise and we're not that strong. However, the Swindon Man and Van is and he can save you a lot of hassle (and money). There's not much carrying and shifting at our end but we can't guarantee it at your end. He can help you carry your goods, he can probably pack it better than us too. Give him a call on 07708 358474 and tell him we sent you, actually don't, we're pretty sure it's our turn to buy the biscuits.

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24 Hour Access

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CCTV Throughout

High Security

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Only Pay For The Days You Use

Access 7 Days A Week

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Office & Business Storage

About Office & Business Storage

Are you in need of some additional space for your growing business? As businesses get going they may not be quite ready to commit to the size or contract associated with a warehouse. With our storage space it gives you the chance to dip your toe in the water and see if it will work for you. Perhaps you’re searching for low cost storage while moving offices or refurbishing? Self storage can offer a great short or long term solution to many issues that businesses face. We require only fourteen days’ notice when you plan to leave, meaning that should anything unexpected occur, you aren’t committed to a long contract with us. There are not any business rates to pay and with a variety of sizes to choose from, you can adjust your size of room as your business needs change.

Residential Storage

About Residential Storage

They do say house moving is one of the most stressful things you can do, and one of the reasons is the ever changing time scales. We understand that, so you can reserve a room without telling us when you'll use it or how long you’ll need it for, meaning you have peace of mind that your storage is taken care of. Our highly experienced and professional team are waiting to help you with your requirements and ensure that your items are securely and safely stored. All our rooms are designed to store electrical items and soft furnishings. You can store with us knowing your goods will be safe, secure and dry.

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This is the second time we have used this company for storage. The staff were very help full and explained everything we needed to know, site was clean and secure and storage units clean and dry and they supplied covers for bed, sofa, ec


Storage seems such a simple matter until you come to do i. You expect that one remover leave stuff therè and then few months later a other pick it up, no sweat. In reality you need access for items you suddenly realise you need. You need to unpack and repack. UK storage made this simple with easy access by pin to the site. Emma, Nick and the team even made the one problem i had, a door dropping and sticking closed, a simple matter to resolve. Good price as well.

Laurence Sams

We have been very pleased with the way the UK Storage Company, has helped us in many ways. To have a clean and safe environment, to be able to access your unit is very important. To have equipment ready and available for your use, we found was very helpful. The whole experience was great, I would definitely use this company again.

Linda Ellis

Very good and secure clean tidy and easy access at all times would recommend them highly

Richard Goodenough

We will never be beaten on price

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