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How do UK Storage Company ensure that my goods are protected while in storage?

Our customers truly value the goods that they store with us, and at UK Storage Company we truly value our customers. We have done everything within our power to make sure that while you store with us you have peace of mind that your goods are secure, safe and sound.

All our locations are built with security in mind, and every measure has been taken to protect your goods while they are with us. Unfortunately, some scenarios may arise that we simply cannot anticipate, such as a fire or a flood. For this reason, we need to be absolutely certain that all goods are fully insured while they are stored with us.

As an example, let’s say a neighbouring customer is storing a freezer, but they didn’t realise that it was actually still full of ice. If this ends up leaking out of the freezer and into their room, there’s a chance that the leak could also affect goods stored in your room. It would be as impossible to predict as it would be to protect against. For that reason, insurance while storing with us is very important.

We found that the large majority of home insurance policies don’t actually offer cover while in self storage, and the few that do cover self storage don’t actually offer good enough protection.

How can I insure my goods? 

UK Storage Company provide comprehensive insurance cover that has been specifically designed for self-storage. It covers more perils than a standard household policy and offers additional protection to your valuable items, should the unthinkable happen. Your policy is valid whilst your goods are stored within your storage room (there is no cover provided for the period of loading, unloading and transit). As the policy we provide is not connected to your household insurance, any claim does not affect your premium, nor will it affect any no claims discount you may have accrued.

Cover with UK Storage company does not lapse, or need to be renewed each year, it is continual cover. There are also no admin fees for changing your home address or for increasing or decreasing the amount you are insured for.

What does our insurance protect you against?

The policy that we provide covers a wide range of perils that far exceed that of most household policies. We are able to protect you in respect of actual physical loss and/or damage to your goods while stored with us, arising from;

 Burst pipes and escape of water from fixed installations;

  Theft following forcible and violent means of entry or exit;





  Impact by road vehicles;

  Riot and civil commotion;


  Aircraft or articles dropped therefrom;

  Malicious damage; and

  Water ingress.

Because you know that all our other customers are also insured through us, then you can be safe in the knowledge that even if another customer has inadvertently damaged your goods, you are protected.

The right level of cover for you

You can select the level of cover that you feel would cover the entire contents of your room, on a new for old basis. That is the full, total replacement value of the goods stored.

Each size room has a minimum level of insurance that we will accept – which is a measure put in to place to ensure that none of our customers are uninsured in the event of a claim. However, we would always insist that our customers insure for the true, total replacement value of their goods. This way, if anything should be damaged beyond repair, you can be sure your claim will be accepted and you will receive the full replacement cost of the goods in the claim. Our insurance cover starts from as little as £2 per week for our smaller rooms and increases from there depending on the size of the room. You can insure yourself up to a maximum of £50,000. For any amount over £50,000, please speak to our team.

What you are not allowed to store at UK Storage Company

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to store the following items at UK Storage Company;

  Compressed gasses;

  Toxic, pollutant or contaminated goods;

  Firearms, munitions or explosives;

  Radioactive materials;

  Chemicals or biological agents;

  Flammable or hazardous goods;

 Any item emitting fumes, odour or smell;

 Living plants or animals;

  Cash and securities;


  Illegal goods and stolen goods;

  Waste, asbestos, or potentially dangerous materials;

 Tyres; and

  Food or perishable goods (unless approved by us in advance).

Can I use another insurance policy instead?

Should you prefer to use an alternate insurance policy, you can certainly do so. We do insist that the alternate policy used must specifically cover goods being placed into self storage. We do also insist that the policy you source offers protection that is equal to, or better than, the perils included within the UK Storage Company policy.

To use your own insurance policy, we require proof that the goods are insured. You will be asked to provide us with a copy of the insurance policy being used, which must clearly state the value of the goods being stored, and it must be written that your goods are covered while stored at UK Storage Company, along with our full postal address. We must receive this document before your contract begins.

It will be your responsibility to ensure that any cover you take out remains valid at all times.

You are more that welcome to begin with the peace of mind that our insurance cover offers, and switch to an acceptable alternate policy at any time during your stay with us. Or, let our team know the quote you have been given for insurance, and we will do our best to beat your quote.

For more information on our insurance, please call us on 0330 202 0602.

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First time having to rent a storage unit. Couldn't have been easier. Great communication from the start, secure access, great price deal and to top it off lovely people at the end of the phone when i called in to close my account. If i ever need to rent a storage unit in the area again I'll definitely be using this company.

Alice Preston

Very efficient service. Initial set up of storage being made available, access to the site and payment was all done very quickly and smoothly. Storage facilities were very clean and well lit. We were using it to store my daughter's university belongings during the summer holiday. Location for us was handy being on the west side of Swindon, so we could pop along anytime to add/remove items . Terminating use of the storage facility was also handled very efficiently.

Plymouth Central

We have used the Central Plymouth storage site two summers in a row to store my daughter's belongings when she comes home from uni for 3 to 4 months. Both times reserving the unit, information provided and setting up payment has been easy, with all staff helpful. Units have met our needs, access has been good, units clean and plastic covers provided. You pay for your  padlock the first time and then it  belongs to you for all future bookings. Closing the account is also easy and is actioned immediately on receipt of email confirming the unit has been emptied. Thanks to all your staff who have made this process painless. Would definitely recommend UK Storage, Plymouth Central.

Helen Usbas

I was so very happy with every aspect of the service I received from the UK Storage Company throughout the 2.5 years I had items in their Redruth storage facility. Every staff member I ever dealt with at every stage was extremely friendly, helpful and polite - amongst the best customer service I have experienced in the UK. The facility itself is very well-maintained and clean, and easy to use. The units themselves are also very clean and totally weatherproof - I was worried about leaving a variety of items in store for so long in rainy Cornwall, but everything was totally fine! I would definitely use the UK Storage Company again and would recommend them highly to others. Thank you folks!

Anne-Marie Nankivell

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