For some reason we've had a few queries recently as to whether we should be spelling Bridgwater with an 'e' i.e. Bridgewater. Obviously these queries have come from people living outside the area. However we thought we'd look in to why it is spelt without an 'e'. According to Wikipedia Bridgwater was originally called Brigg meaning Quay. After the Norman invasion it was given to Walter Douai who was a Norman Prince and hence it became called Brigg Walter. Eventually it was shortened to Bridgwater although there is an alternative of this story that it is actually from Bridge Walter, i.e. the bridge of Walter or Bridg-of-Walter. Allegdley this is all shown on the crest of the town yet the only I have seen is the crest of Robert Blake and there doesn't appear to be any writing on there apart from the latin slogan. The latin on the crest is 'Opes Consilium Parit', which translates to Wisdom Begets Wealth.  So there you have it, so when people are looking for Bridgewater storage, they should be looking for Bridgwater storage. Next time you're asked "why isn't there an e in Bridgwater", you'll know why.