UK Storage Location Spotted On Broadchurch

Broadchurch is the big iTV1 drama that has gripped viewers across the country with millions tuning in on a Monday night to see Olivia Coleman and David Tenant as the local town detectives in a fictional town called Broadchurch. The third and final series has just come to a close and the end of season finale revealed the who dunnit that has become the big attraction of the show.

Guessing who had perpertrated the crime has been a big draw for the programme with many column inches in the newspaper given to the details as they unfolded week by week. This appeal has been supported by the beautiful scenery used as the backdrop, with scenes shot throughout the south-west. Locations such as West Cliff and Beach in West Bay, Dorset gave glouriously beautiful back drops that has led to fans of the show doing tours to see the sites. Other locations included sites near our Weston-super-Mare facility and a lot were filmed just up the road in Clevedon. 

However as the series neared the end we got an extra bonus as the storyline led the cast to Liverpool. As we watched at home we spotted a self storage company on the screen. That wasn't just any old self storage company but it was OUR self storage company! Those on the ball will know we don't have a facility in Liverpool yet (Update: we do now, check out our Liverpool storage facility) but it turns out they used Avonmouth in Bristol as the backdrop for the Liverpool scenes. Makes sense as Avonmouth has the docks and not many people can distinguish one from another. Check out our now famous storage in Bristol.