Self Storage Somerset
Unit 3, East Quay, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 4DB


Unit 3, East Quay, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 4DB

Furnham Road, Chard, Somerset, TA20 1AQ


Furnham Road, Chard, Somerset, TA20 1AQ

Courtlands Industrial Estate, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton, Somerset, TA2 6NS


Courtlands Industrial Estate, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton, Somerset, TA2 6NS

Weston super Mare
Unit 5 Red Lodge Business Park, Warleys Lane, Weston Super Mare, BS24 7TN

Weston super Mare

Unit 5, Red Lodge Business Park, Weston Super Mare, BS24 7TN.

94 Lyde Road, Yeovil, BA21 5DP


94 Lyde Road, Yeovil BA21 5DQ

Self Storage in Somerset

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Our flagship store and head office lies in our beloved home town of Bridgwater. This is the site and town in which our story began way back in 2005 when husband and wife team Keith and Cathy decided to take on self storage in Somerset. We're a locally owned company with our directors and the vast majority of our staff living in and around Bridgwater town. We have a state of the art building here in Bridgwater, with great links to the M5 and all local areas.  There are many Somerset storage companies, but we feel we have the local knowledge and the community presence that a company needs in order to succeed. Bridgwater is home to many things aside from UK Storage Company of course, our favourite being the annual Guy Fawkes Carnival. The first modernised version of the Guy Fawkes Carnival took place over 100 years ago, and can attract up to 150,000 people! That's the same as you'd expect at a Glastonbury festival. Only you're fairly unlikely to catch the likes of Lionel Richie or Fleetwood Mac championing our carnival! We always make sure we're there no matter the weather.

Bridgwater or Bridgewater?

You wouldn't believe the amount of enquiries we receive with the misspelling of Bridgwater! It would be enough to make a local resident furious. A quick search on Google has come up with what sounds like a legitimate origin of the name... you can read more about it here. You can look that up yourself at another time if there's no paint drying that you could watch instead.

Free Van Hire

As an extra added bonus to those who store with us in Bridgwater, we can offer the use of a van with no hire charge (just a security deposit). We have a transit van that you can borrow from us for only the cost of the diesel. Any money saved during a house move is always welcomed, so not having to pay for van hire can only be a good thing.

Long Opening Hours

We have long opening hours here, including Saturdays at no additional charge, allowing you that time to complete your move in to us. There's no security deposit to pay on any storage rooms, and you can store for as little as 10 days. While our building here is set over three floors, we provide the use of a lift and lots of flat-bed trollies to help make your move easier and more manageable.


Security on site in Bridgwater is second to none. It begins with the perimeter fence that is an instant deterrent, then beyond that is the building itself. The outside of our building is covered by 24 hour CCTV that is recorded and has a motion sensor. If anything moves on our site, we know about it. Our building is fully alarmed with both motion sensor and fire alarms, as well as smoke detectors. These phone straight to our staff and to the local constabulary, so should anything be tripped, again we'll know about it and will act immediately.


We also sell boxes, bubble wrap and all the usual packing materials you'd associate with a house move. Great for other uses too, such as eBay sales, we have a variety of cardboard box sizes in stock. If you're after some advice with regards to removals firms, we'd be happy to recommend some for you to choose from - trusted and respected local firms that we've built a relationship with over a decade of being in business.


Opening a storage facility in the Somerset county town of Taunton was the second Somerset self storage site that we opened and was, for many years, manned by local hunk Jon Whitfield (don't worry, he's still with us at our Head office in Bridgwater and writing web site copy). Since opening in 2009 the site has seen many improvements to the storage units with a lot of money invested over that time. The site has become highly streamlined and has had many upgrades to both the security and the move in procedure - let's face it no one wants to sit around doing paperwork when they've got a load of items to move.

Easy Access and Great Location

Nicely located just a few miles from the town centre in Norton Fitzwarren, our Taunton site is easy to get to and impossible to miss. The site itself is fully accessible to vehicles, making it easy to move your goods in and out as and when you need to. We can offer you 24 hour entry so should you work early mornings and need to get in to your room to collect your tools or supplies, then you should be storing with us in Taunton. Imagine the scene - a lazy Sunday morning turns in to wanting to get out on the lake and catch some fish with the kids, but where are the fishing rods? In the storage room!! Not a problem, drive down to the site, enter your unique gate code and find what you need. Now that's not something that just any storage company offers. It's just one of the many benefits that you'll receive when storing with us. We keep the whole site very well lit no matter what the time of year, so if you are one of the lucky few that comes on to site during the small hours, you can always find your way to your unit - the units themselves are not lit so customers either use their headlights or you can bring a torch or light with you.

Variety Of Uses

Our rooms aren't just used during house moves you know, we've had customers storing for many different reasons, from the slightly bizarre to the downright ludicrous. We don't ask or need to know what you're storing, as long as it's legal and not dangerous, and there aren't really many situations in which self storage can't help you out. We tend to find that the more odd the reason for storing, the more likely the customer is to want to tell us about it. As an added security extra, we ensure that the locks that we use are unique and are unable to be picked. We import them from the United States of America and they are probably the safest lock money can buy. You also keep hold of all the keys, ensuring that no one but yourself has access to your room and your goods. Just make sure you don't lose them!


There are some great options available if you're looking for storage in Somerset, but we think that our facility is second to none. With all the rooms being on the ground floor, pretty much all inconveniences are removed, aside from having to move your goods in and out of course. Maybe consider hiring a removals firm to do the move for you and to take a lot of the stress out of moving. We can recommend a couple of companies you can look at if you don't already have someone in mind to help you. There are no stairs to contend with or no winding maze of corridors, you can simply choose one of our prime storage rooms and park right outside your room. You also have the option to pay slightly less and have what is still a very short walk to your room.


Security is our prerogative at all of our sites as you will be able to tell if you've ever been on to one. From the unique locks that we use to secure the rooms, to the key coded entry system, it starts to feel like Fort Knox.

Chard is the most rural town in Somerset that we have a facility in, you'll see us from almost any direction that you drive in to the town. Prominently positioned on Furnham Road, we're a great choice if you need local, secure and modern storage. Somerset has so many small villages and towns, but from wherever you're based you're sure to not be very far from a quality UK Storage Company facility. We've streamlined the move in process to save our customers time and effort. We have the ability to complete a move in with a customer without them having to even leave their house, however we'd love you to come down and take a look around and see for yourself how well suited our sites are for your storage needs.

Great Access Hours

As well as the standard hours of opertation in Chard (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, 9am to 6pm on a Saturday and 10am - 4pm on a Sunday) we are also pleased to be able to offer extended hours to all our customers. This means we are the only company in the area to be able to offer access 7 days a week.

We're always looking to open more sites wherever we can, so keep your eyes open for the next UK Storage Company site in Somerset.


Our facility at the Red Lodge Business Park in Weston Super Mare is really a showcase of how far we’ve come as a business since beginning in 2005. With such an excellent location right on the M5, and a beautiful modern building, we’ve gone a long way towards ensuring that we offer the best storage unit to our customers at excellent value for money.

Gain Entry 365 Days Of The Year

We are able to offer 24-hour access to all of our customers, as well as secure, clean and expertly managed storage. Weston Super Mare is our first location in a seaside town, and what a seaside town Weston really is! A great holiday destination for people from all over UK and beyond, we’re very fortunate to have moved in to a location as fantastic as this one. Ideally positioned on Junction 21 of the M5, we’re in a position to serve all the local towns and villages such as Congresbury, Yatton, Wick St Lawrence and St George, you really can’t miss us as you come in to Weston on Junction 21. We're just around the corner from the big Lidl distribution building.


Security is paramount at all our sites, but here we really have gone above and beyond expectations – The entire site is surrounded by our 2.4-metre-high perimeter fence, and the CCTV system ensures that if anything moves – it is recorded. The cameras benefit from a motion sensor and the footage is beamed in a live stream back to our head office which located close by in Somerset. As for safety in the building, there are smoke alarms and fire alarms throughout, as well as high tech security alarms. Access to the site is via a customer only gate which is entered using a unique pin code only, and the same again for the door in to the actual building. It may look impenetrable (the way we like it) but as a customer the access is smooth, seamless and very easy. Whether you’re storing a few items over the summer in one of our small rooms, or moving and storing a 12 bed mansion house, UK Storage Company are here to help you.


We are proud of our modern, totally refurbished, warehouse with individual storage rooms for the general public and businesses. Based in west Yeovil on Lyde Road, just next door to Coral and around the corner from Bookers. The facility is a nice, brightly lit area specifically designed for storing everything from soft furnishings to business stock.

House movers, you can use us if there’s a gap in the chain and you need temporary storage when you’re in between houses. You can store with us safe in the knowledge your goods will come out in the same condition they go in. If you need to declutter in order to sell your house then we have small rooms prefect for this. Need to store your whole house contents? We can do that too.

Businesses looking for a flexible warehouse solution can rent various sizes with only a 14 day commitment. There’s just one bill to deal with, no utility or rates bills and no long term commitments. You also get access to your goods whenever you need them with extended access hours available.

Five fun facts about Somerset to keep you amused (possibly)

  • The smallest city in England is in Somerset - Wells
  • The world famous Glastonbury festival is held in the nearby town of Pilton, not actually in the town of Glastonbury itself!
  • Skittles is a pub game that has its origins in Somerset, it's still unheard of in some parts of the world, unlike its American derivative 10 pin bowling.
  • There is only one remaining cheese producer in the town that lends its name to the much loved (and our favourite) cheese, the glorious Cheddar!
  • The battle of Sedgemoor in 1685 is often, and some might argue wrongly, referred to as the last battle fought on English soil. Your interpretation depends on your definition of the word battle I suppose.

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Bristol Central

Bit weird to be so fond of such a domestic amenity, but these guys are the absolute bee knees! The storage facility in bedmo is clean and spacious, easy to find and get vehicles in. The customer service team are beyond brilliant; really helpful, intuitive and friendly. Rates are very reasonable and there is a lot of flexibility. Can't recommend highly enough

Amy P
Plymouth Central

Stress Free Amazing!! Family told me moving home was stressful, yes it is but I was recommended UK Storage and glad I used them. From start to finish they were amazing. I did it all online, easy peesy! The process was straight forward, prices were the best around bar far, my movers had no issues. The helpline was brilliant, everyone happy to help me. My belongings were safe and secure. I wouldn't hesitate to use again 'if' we ever move, but would defiantly recommend.


Hi ladies & Gents, Wanted to say a big Thank you for the wonderful & professional service you provided for me over the last 3 months. You were so helpful and guided me along the way making the whole experience so very easy. The friendly attitude from everyone was so nice, it was a joy to deal with staff who actually enjoy giving a brilliant customer service experience. The units were immaculate, the ease of access & location was just perfect for me. I would highly recommend UK storage. Kind Regards Sharon

Sharon Brightcliffe

UK Storage Company provide an excellent service. From my first enquiry with them, their staff members were courteous, knowledgeable and efficient. Their storage facility was very secure and clean ensuring that my possession were kept in perfect condition. Their terms and conditions are well set out and easy to understand. There were no 'hidden extras' and I always new how much the storage fees would be. I would have no hesitation in recommending UK Storage Company to others and using their facilities in the future.

Paul Farrow

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