We can always tell when there's a new series of Storage Wars on television as we get lots of requests from people asking if we auction off storage rooms. If you don't know what I'm talking about, two stars of the show give an insight in to the process.

 We get approached semi-regularly for our rooms to appear on the TV shows, the companies have obviously seen the success of the shows in America and thought they fancy a piece of the action. It's a lengthly enough process as it is and to 'stage' the auctions as they do on TV would take up too much time. For example they wanted us to put aside five storage rooms for a day for them to use. When we're busy we might not even have five rooms for them to use. Also our bad debtors don't all occur at the same time at the same facility. To explain, when a customer defaults on their payment with us we obviously try our upmost to recover the payment - it is in our best interests of course. The process for this is long, time consuming and therefore expensive. Without boring you about the whole process I'll fast forward to what we do when it comes to an end or when the storage unit is "abandonded" as they say on the shows.

We have a list of people who have shown an interest in bidding on expired units. We then contact them with details of what has been stored in the room and they then bid on the items. Sadly this isn't quite as entertaining as in the States. We conduct the bids by email and phone and then the winner comes to site and has to clear the whole unit. As the gentleman describes above, this is a lot of work but sometimes there are some real finds in the unit. How much do people bid? Well that would be telling and is obviously dependant on what is found in the storage unit / room. However I can tell you this, we have never made the money back that has been owed on a room - EVER! So we'd much rather our customers just kept paying or moved out when they can't afford to stay.

We work closely with the people bidding on the storage as we want them to get value for money from the auctions. It's not like Storage Hunters where their own stars say the success of the show on Dave is from the lack of social skills the bidders have!

Obviously this is something we have to carry out at all out sites but we are especially looking for anyone interested in bidding on defaulted self storage units in Gloucester and in Redruth our self storage facility in Cornwall.




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